What’s Baba Ganoush?

So, many of you have seen that god awful bud light commercial where the guy (douche bag) is at a festival and draws a human body then proceeds to draw food inside of his stomach, culminating with his so called ‘favorite’ dish, Baba Ganoush (or baba ghanoush).  A woman, then asks “What’s Baba Ganoush?”  To which the earlier stated man replies, “I don’t know”

OK, so beyond the obvious, how could you not know what Baba Ganoush is, if it’s your favorite?  No, what bothers me about this 30 second travesty is the woman.  If you watch her, she over acts terribly.  Her reaction when the guy knocks the chicken leg out of the other guys hand, she is clearly a second late, and her attention is so focused that you wonder if she has eaten anything in the past year.  On top of her terrible acting, the way she asks her question makes me want to rip my ears off of my head and jam them down her throat, until her vocal chords pop.

While I’m on a rant, I might as well mention the Burger King commercial for the angry Whopper.  The commercial is awesome for the first 20 seconds, then comes completely undone in the last 10 seconds by the horrible acting of the patron who claims that his Whopper is extremely hot.  Listen, we have all eaten something that is too spicy for us to handle, for some it is a simple piece of wasabi, for others it is that bastard, Tabasco’s, sauce, and for others still, it is that dare to drink the entire spice rack.  But we all know the face on someone that says, my god, what have I done?  I can’t spit this out, but swallowing this will only result in my innards becoming liquid shit, and my ass vomiting out my internal organs. And the man in the Burger King commercial does NOT make that face, he simply opens his eyes nice and wide, and says “hot” while pointing at the burger.  At no point does he grab his mouth or anus, he does not turn bright red, and he does not open his mouth and try to get oxygen in.  He does not take a drink, steam does not come out of his ears…THIS MAN DISPLAYS NO REAL SYMPTOMS OF EATING SOMETHING TOO GODDAMN SPICY!!!

But I digress, and now want to talk about good acting in a television commercial.  AT&T has their commercials with the family and their role-over minutes.  The mother, who is constantly nagging her family about their role over minutes is absolutely perfect.  You know why she is absolutely perfect?  because she plays the role so well you don’t think you are watching a commercial, you find yourself caught up in the family dynamic.  I’m not going to dissect this commercial, or her acting merits, but next time you see any one of these commercials, please pay attention to the good and bad acting.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering what Baba Ganoush is, click here.


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