You know, normally I try to title something before I write anything down?  The same for music.  How silly is that?  No, it’s more silly than that.  Because when I start writing I have no idea what is going to come out, I am just as shocked as you are.  So I have been staring at a blank computer screen for the past hour trying to figure out a title for something I haven’t written, and now that I have started writing it, can see it is no good anyway, but oh well.

I took a lot of heat today because I was not excited enough that Barack Obama won the presidency.  Someone told me it was the happiest day of their life, to which I said “that is ridiculous.”  A fight ensued, and I’m fairly certain I’m never speaking to that person again.  And as I reflect, I still feel my point was valid, and hers was based in some kind Kafkan fantasy realm.  Yes Obama is president, congratulations America, we finally voted for the right guy.  I think Obama can do some good things with the presidency, but in no way would I view this as the happiest day of my life.  In fact, I distinctly remember being happier than this every single day I was alive between the ages of 3-5.  I don’t want to detract from Obama’s victory, but the history of it, it doesn’t phase me.  My friend mentioned that he was the first African-American to win the presidency, and to me, I think that is way over due, but there have been other African- American candidates that ran for president, namely, Alan Keys, and people laughed at him.  For me, the history of having the first African-American president is outweighed by the fact that he is a charismatic leader and deserved to win.  I remember the first time I actually sat down, an listened to him speak, and I could see that he wasn’t spouting the same tired political rhetoric.  He spoke with conviction, he spoke with passion, and most importantly, he spoke to me.  I have never really liked a political figure before, they all seem so fake and self-absorbed, and while Obama will have to do some back scratching in Washington, he does not come across the type of person to rescind on his promises.  Coupled with the fact that the legislative branch will be a Democratic majority, Obama has the chance to see his dreams get put into action and not mired in filibuster.  That being said, I am anxious to see how he does with the presidency, but as for the happiest moment of my life? I still remember being up at the plate, in a tie game, in the bottom of the last inning, my best friend on 3rd base, I had two strikes on me, and I got the game winning hit to put our team in the championship, we went undefeated that year, I was 8 years old, that is the happiest moment of my life; sorry Obama, I’m keeping that one for me.

And to all of you Obama supporters, try not to get ahead of yourself, yes, he won, now let’s see what he can do!

And for you McCain peeps, did you feel a little uncomfortable with his concession speech?  Didn’t it sound something close to what your grandparents would say, you know, something that is laden with racist intonations, but not actually racist?

And for those Ron Paul supports…ummm..yeah


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