The Time has come today

Hello, just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to vote for your choice of candidate….Bacon or Tofu.  Each food has been campaigning hard since the last debate and early gallop polls show Bacon with a commanding lead.  Each candidate wanted a chance to say some last words before the election is over.

T:  Allo, I ave new evidence zat le bacon iz ow you say, too delizeeous, ee taztes too good.  Ow can you ave a preseedaant zat taztes too good?  ze logical choice would be moi, Monsieur Tofu, I ave no tazte and you dont ave to worry about ze important issuz becauz i can le tazte like le anything.  Sank you France!…i mean Amereeca

B: No fancy speeches America, Tofu has said it all.  I just want to thank all of those bacon lovers out there, the support you have shown in the past few weeks has been tremendous, and with your help we will take presidency!

Right in YOUR FACE

Right in YOUR FACE

in case you havent voted yet, you can do so below


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