Quick, what is your dream car?….Time’s up, did you say Corvette?  If so, you agree with a man named Vet, or possibly a veteran or a veterinarian (not important).  What is important is that for a select few people, the Chevy Corvette is just the tops.  I am not here to discuss the virtues of having a Corvette as your dream car, but I am here to discuss having a personalized license plate on your dream car.

Hi, I'm a corvette.  (you can not have-the-mango)

Hi, I'm a Corvette (you can not have-the-mango)

Personal license plates, or vanity plates as they’re referred to, can come in a lot of forms and serve a lot of purposes.  In the case of the above car, the license plate read VETSVETT (as in Vet’s Corvette).  Don’t believe me?  I managed to get a quick pic of it as it drove by (sorry about the image quality)

it's hard to makeout, but that does infact say VETSVETT

it's hard to make out, but that does in fact say VETSVETT

Upon reading this, my first reaction was disgust, i mean, how pretentious is this guy?  Let us examine, in depth this man’s choice.

First, how much does it cost to own/lease a Corvette?

Well, unfortunately for Vet this was not a Lingenfelter Corvette.  Which, if it was, would have been totally bad ass I would not even noticed the license plate.  Also, this was not one of these.  No, our Vet had one of these.  While not a bad car, per se, if you noticed (or not) the MSRP (that’s Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) is $46,100 (currently); and as we all know, only suckers pay sticker price (you’re not a sucker, are you Vet?).  Let’s assume Vet is not a high roller (good assumption), and that he leases his Corvette, how much will this cost him? Well hopefully you played around with the calculator, but let’s say Vet, couldn’t afford to put any money down, he would be paying $1,000 a month for the privelage of driving around in a Corvette, but if he could afford $1,000 a month why wouldn’t he have any money to put down on the car? (Because Vet’s a cheap asshole?).  NO!, more than likely, our vet is paying around $500 a month for his car.

$500! Wow Vet, you can't afford any of this

$500! Wow Vet, you can't afford any of this

So, we’ve established a Corvette is not a Maybach, but it was Vet’s dream to own a Corvette, why are you being such an asshole?

Simple, Vet’s dream is material.  He has strived his entire life for a material object.  One that can hit a patch of black ice and break into a million little James Frey type pieces and leave Vet a vegetable.  A dream that requires gas, a dream that requires maintenance, a dream that is too easily met.  I am all for having goals and dreams, but i believe your dreams should not involve material items, because just as easily (or in Vet’s case, not so easily) as the items are attained, they can be lost.  For instance, it is my dream to have 5 people read my blog, (we all know that won’t happen) but if it does, then my dream came true, and even if the interwebs died the next day, I would always have succeeded in my goal.  Meanwhile, poor Vet’s dream can burst into a ball of flames while traveling 65 on the Mass Pike and plow into a bus full of quadrapeligic orphans.  (oh god, why Vet?)

Your dream is a house of cards, Vet

Your dream is a house of cards, Vet


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